Let's combat our biggest fear together!

Rates of COVID-19 are spreading at a considerable rate. At CloudMedx, we believe in planning ahead. CloudMedx wants to assist healthcare organizations with their operational response to COVID-19 around resource utilization, risk stratification, and triage planning. Such planning will be crucial, especially due to the potential surge of patients in the coming days.

To do so, we at CloudMedx are using our existing AI platform to organize large amounts of data from around the world including the United States in order to create insights around predicting local surge alerts, patient commorbidity analysis, length of stays, resource utilization, and staffing needs.

COVID-19 has already infected thousands of people globally and is at risk of overburdening the already over-taxed health systems. CloudMedx is planning to serve clinical facilities nationwide and prepare them for a sudden influx of patients based on geography. The new insights gathered may also assist physicians in learning more about the disease and better serve their patients.

Healthcare is a village, and with the current pandemic growing in numbers, it becomes paramount to collaborate and join forces.